Applications should be submitted online or at the academic services of the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto

(Rua do Campo Alegre, 4169-007 Porto).

Tuition fees

 Student  Full-time  Half-time *
National 1625.00€ 1137.50€
International CPLP 2812.50€
International  4687.50€ 3281.25€

(*) a student is considered to be enrolled in "half-time" when the sum of ECTS he's enrolled into for that year is up to 37.5  ECTS.

More detailed information here.

Information to be provided by the applicant

Personal Info

  • Name (Required)
  • Date of Birth (Required)
  • Place of Birth (Required)
  • Document Identification (Required)
  • Fiscal No. (Optional)
  • Gender (Required)
  • Marital Status (Required)
  • Nationality (Required)
  • Street (Residence) (Required)
  • Locality (Residence) (Optional)
  • Postal Code (Residence) (Optional)
  • Country (Residence) (Required)
  • Mother's Name (Required)
  • Father's Name (Required)
  • Mobile Phone (Optional)
  • Email (Required)

Academic and Professional Data

  • Course you apply for (Required)
  • Country of Completion of High School (Required)
  • Academic Qualifications (Required)
  • Additional information relevant to the application (Optional)


  • Copy of Identity Card / Citizen Card / Passport (Required)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Required)
  • Certificate of approval in curricular units. UP students can obtain their academic path from Sigarra. (Required)
  • Degree completion certificate. Students who have not yet completed their degree but are able to complete it in the current school year by the end of the 1st phase enrollment deadline must submit this statement (Completion Statement). (Required)
  • Other documents considered relevant for the application of the ranking criteria (Optional)
  • Other Documents (International Student Proof, if applicable) (Optional)